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Conscience: The Newsjournal of Catholic Opinion


Vol. XXXV - No. 4
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Francis' Blind Spot

Francis' Blind Spot


Catholics and non-Catholics are won over by Pope Francis’ ability to see the needs of the poor and disenfranched. But for all his reported compassion, Francis does not see the needs of one group: women. This issue sheds light on his blind spot. Read more.




Catholics Applaud Defeat of abortion Ban

Extremism Defeats HR 36 on Eve of Antichoice Roe v. Wade March

22 January 2015 - HR 36 was based on arbitrary gestational limits and junk science that would impose a dangerous limitation on abortion, putting women’s health and rights at risk. It was too dangerous, too extreme even for conservatives.

In a full-page advertisement in Politico, we lifted up one woman’s story to illustrate the harm of such restrictive legislation. Read more.


Press Release

Catholics to Pope Francis: We're Not Rabbits

20 January 2015 - "Pope Francis's comments yesterday disparaging Catholic men and women for 'breeding like rabbits' are particularly troubling because of the Catholic hierarchy's continued global war on birth control and reproductive choice," said Jon O'Brien, president of Catholics for Choice. "Pope Francis needs to confess the sin he is guilty of—along with his brother bishops in the Catholic hierarchy—that of being a gatekeeper who stops people from making responsible decisions about sex." Read more.

Press Release

Why Religious Exemptions Hurt—and Why Catholics Oppose Them

Catholics for Choice, Call to Action, DignityUSA and Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER) met on Capitol Hill to discuss the aftermath of Hobby Lobby v. Burwell and ongoing demands from the bishops under the guise of “religious liberty.” These leading Catholic organizations, everyday Catholics and Catholic policymakers spoke out against harsh religious exemptions that hurt all Americans, particularly the poor and the marginalized.

New polling of more than 1,000 American Catholics reveals what everyday Catholics think about issues such as abortion access, health insurance coverage for birth control, stem cell research, and religious exemptions for tax-funded organizations. Read more.

TAke Action

Catholics Unite to Defeat Colorado Personhood Ballot Measure

Catholics in Colorado joined their neighbors, friends and family in defeating a ballot measure that would have banned abortion in all circumstances and limited access to contraception and other reproductive health services in the state. These everyday Colorado Catholics spoke out in the weeks leading up to the defeat of Amendment 67 by a 2-to-1 margin, showing support for women’s moral autonomy and their right to make conscience-based decisions about their own health and lives. Read more.

See why Colorado Catholics voted no on this ballot measure.


Catholic Theology the Bishops Won't Talk About


It’s not just regular Catholics that are being left out of the bishops’ synod. There’s more to Catholic teaching on sexuality and reproductive choices than you’ll hear from the Vatican. Watch this video to learn about some of the best kept secrets about Catholicism on these issues that are critical to Catholics today.

Coalition for Liberty & Justice

Liberty and Justice for All


A new short film from the Coalition for Liberty & Justice shows what happens when religious extremists in the US use religion as a license to discriminate against hospital staff, teachers and other workers who do not conform to the extremists’ views of what is acceptable. This discrimination takes place using your tax dollars. Read more.

Contraception Coverage at the Supreme Court

Catholics for Choice Supports Real Religious Liberty

Africa Calling


We are disheartened by the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Burwelll v. Hobby Lobby Stores and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. v. Burwell cases.

You can find additional resources about religious liberty on our resource page.