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No estás sola
and Te apoyamos

Order your copies today! These Spanish language DVDs discuss the moral, ethical and spiritual aspects of the abortion decision.

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Catholics for Choice believes in a world where everyone has equal access to the full range of reproductive health-care services—including access to safe and legal abortion services and affordable and reliable forms of contraception. CFC works to change the conversation regarding sexual and reproductive rights to one where the individual conscience of each person is recognized as the keystone of moral decision making. CFC works to ensure reproductive health and rights for all women by:

  • Changing the way that policy makers, advocates and providers think and feel about reproductive rights and articulate their message to advance sound reproductive health policies;
  • Facilitating global strategies for improving sexual and reproductive health and rights and organizing opposition to political threats to those rights;
  • Assisting on-the-ground advocates through technical and financial assistance to our partners in Latin America, Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir, and allied groups throughout the Caribbean, Europe and North America; and
  • Increasing commitment to preventing unintended pregnancy by promoting access to contraception and assistance to women who choose to continue their pregnancies and responding to efforts by religious conservatives to block access to safe and reliable reproductive health-care services.

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